THESEUS – establishing a European society

THESEUS is a European network of thinkers and actors. It aims at fostering an open and constructive dialogue about challenges of European integration between academia and politics as well as between generations. Its purpose is to establish a European interdisciplinary and cross-generational network and to enhance the mutual understanding of societies in Europe through various activities: seminars for young leaders, THESEUS conferences, visiting professorships and the remittal of two research awards for outstanding and promising research on European integration.


A European network of thinkers, actors and ideas

More than 60 years after the Treaties of Rome came into force, perspectives and perceptions about European politics still diverge across EU member states. Debates concerning the Euro crisis show that European opinion-making processes still end at national borders. 50 years after the Elysée Treaty, this also applies for the two biggest EU member states France and Germany, even if the Franco-German tandem has launched several important initiatives. Also academic research is largely embedded into national contexts. European debates on future European challenges between European researchers and leading experts are thus strongly needed.


"THESEUS - establishing a European society" was founded in 2007. It is a joint project of Sciences Po Paris, the Brussels-based think-tank Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA), the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cologne and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation in Cologne.